Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Personal relationship vs business relationship

Do you trust your friends and family? Of course, you do.

But what is trust? It's simply a historically based certainty that your friends and family will NOT hurt you or harm you in any way.

But here's the revelation that might make a big difference in your bank account: the fact that friends and family will not hurt you, doesn't mean they can do you any good.

Put differently, your friends and family will help you to avoid LOSING in life, in your career, possibly in your business. But it would be a stretch, if not a mistake, to assume that they have the formal training, expertise or innovative ideas that will help you to WIN in life.

This is why it's important to distinguish between "personal relationships" and "business relationships" (which includes all career-related connections).

What does this have to do with Facebook?

If you consider yourself a "consumer", you probably want to protect your privacy and your personal data. This is prudent behavior.

If you consider yourself a "business person", then your outlook is probably different: you want to be "out there" and be visible, for the express purpose of maximizing business opportunities.

So far, no grand revelation. But wait. Here's the insight:

Suppose I give you a digital product priced at $300 and also give you the affiliate rights. That is, you make 30% (or $90) every time one of your connections download the product from your Payloadz page. If, in the last 2 years, you spent time (like many Linkedin users are now doing) building a history with people and building connections (say, a moderate number of 200), then you would be looking at a money-making opportunity of 200 X $90, or $18,000.

If you have 500 connections, as do many people on Linkedin, then the opportunity is worth $45,000.

My point is that the world is moving toward a global economy of "economically sovereign individuals." That is, everybody will soon have a product (that they developed or represent in their personal or professional networks) to sell.

Given that inevitable trend, it is economically advisable to start connecting with people and building a history of trust. Why? Because one day, your big payoff will come.

Pros and cons of Facebook

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Facebook sounds like a good social networking website.

So I've decided to write a blog to explore ways to use it strategically for personal, social, career, business and, of course, romantic purposes!

Cheers for now,